5 Places I Want to Travel

I’ve not had the opportunity to travel much in my life yet. I have a really big family so we’ve never really travelled outside of the UK much or it’s just been the wrong time for me to travel myself but there’s SO many places that I want to see in the world! I really want to book a holiday this year with my boyfriend so I hope that writing this post will give me some motivation to start looking for somewhere to go!

1. Paris, France

Although this is somewhere I have visited before, I was so young at the time and I don’t think I appreciated how beautiful it was. I am going to admit that a HUGE perk of visiting Paris is Disneyland but what girl doesn’t want to visit Paris with her boyfriend and hope he pops a question? Plus I’m old enough to go and appreciate the Parisian night life now and pay a proper visit to the Moulin Rouge and the Louvre.

2. Sofia, Bulgaria

If you didn’t know, Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and oh my God the architecture is INSANE. The thing that orinally made me want to visit Sofia is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral however since then I’ve done so much research and it just seems like an incredible city with so much history to be seen.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden just seems like the best place to live in the world. It is also to the home of Ikea and Volvo are both my favourites so I’m all set to visit Sweden, surely? Stockholm itself is spread over 14 islands and has history going back to the stone age! That being said it is the cultural, economical and political capital of Sweden. It just seem like a very forward thinking practical city that are very focussed on being eco friendly.


4. Florence, Italy

Although there are so many cities I’d love to visit in Italy, Florence is one that appeals the most to me. Florence was one of the wealthiest cities in the middle ages, this is really apparent when you look at the architecture. What sold Florence to me was watching Da Vinci’s Demons. I’m an absoloute sucker for history and watching this show really got me interested in Leonardo Da Vinci, the Medici family as well as the Pazzi family.

5. Reykjavik, Iceland

The fifth and final place is just as touristy as the other places but who cares, their tourist places for a reason right? Reykjavik has it all, viking history, volcanic activity, the blue lagoon and the Northen Lights, need I say anymore?


Thanks for reading!


*disclamer: none of the images used are my own



March Soundtrack

So recently I bit the bullet and got a joint Spotify account with my boyfriend. It baffles me that Spotify don’t actually sell a ‘couples’ account only a family one but £14.99 per month isn’t too much to pay between us. 

So to celebrate this, I thought I’d share with you what music I’ve been loving during March.

Ed Sheeran – Divide 

Literally everyone and their dog are talking about this album at the moment and rightly so! It is an actual masterpiece. There is not a bad song on the whole album so if you haven’t heard it yet go and listen to it right now! 

Nothing Personal – All Time Low

The new All Time Low album is being teased so much and the new single ‘Dirty Laundry’ just reminded me of how good they really are. Nothing Personal was one of my favourite albums for so long so it feels nice to bring it back around. 

6 Words – Wretch 32

This isn’t my usual type of music to listen too but I heard this on the radio recently and it is the cutest thing! The lyrics, the tune, everything is just adorable! You should definitely go check it out if you haven’t heard it! 


Ashleigh x

Life Update!

Unlike apparently everyone else, I love a Monday. It’s a fresh start to the week and a good opportunity to reflect on the past week. Last week was the most exciting week all year so far and proabably the best thing that’s happened all year!

On Friday I passed my driving test!


I have been doing driving lessons since I was seventeen and this year I turned twenty three so it’s taken me the LONGEST time but I finally did it and it wasn’t even as bad as I thought it was going to be! I only had 3 minors as well as I was extra happy.

To top off what was already a good week, on Saturday my boyfriendand I decided that it was finally time for us to go and buy some new sofas for our house. I was definetly expecting more drama or not to pass the credit check or something but it went really well. The TEN WEEK wait on delivery though isn’t ideal! As well as this my boyfriend suprised me by buying me the cutest little red car!


I’ve always wanted a little old Polo. There is just something about them that I really like, they are just really cute and girly. I am so in love and so excited to be driving it!

As for this week, today I am quitting one of my jobs. I’ve been working in a school for two years now and today I am handing in my notice and I am so excited! I’m really looking forward to a new chapter in my life, hopefully a new job and my cute little car.

Anyone else got any exciting news?

Ashleigh x

5 Tips For Staying Motivated

As someone who is pretty much a work-a-holic and who never feels satisfied, it’s so hard to stay motivated sometimes. Especially when it’s been a long hard day. I think everyone feels like this occasionally. If you’re like me its so easy to get yourself in a mess about bad situations and to view one bad day as a whole bad life, then you can’t see the wood through the trees. So I have 5 tips to help yo keep you (and me) stay positive.

1. Remember why you’re doing it.
This one is super important because if it’s worth doing, you’re more likely to keep going. Whether you’re like me and you work too much but you’re thinking of the financial benefit or you’re at uni struggling thinking of the satisfaction and employment you’re going to get out of your degree.

2. Always have achievable goals.

Nothing is more disheartening than setting yourself tagets and never managing to achieve them. Even if you have to break a big goal down into more achievable parts, it’s going to feel so much more satisfying than working for so long and never feeling like you’re getting to where you want to be.

3. Don’t keep moving the goal posts.

This one is similar to number 2, however this one is more about being decicive. Once you’ve made decisions you need to make, whether that is a to do list for the day or your goals in life, stick to them! Write them down and tick them off, give yourself credit where credit is due.

4. Keep moving forward.

Just because something hasn’t worked out, doesn’t mean you didn’t learn from it! Again, give yourself credit where you’ve earned it and take what you have learned to make your next attempt better.

5. Remember that it is OK not to be positive all the time.

This one sounds crazy, I know. However, it is impossible to be positive all the time and it’s important to give yourself a break and know that it’s normal to have a down day. Sometimes a day not feeling motivated is the motivation that you need to get going again.

If you have any good tips on staying motivated I’d love to hear them!

Ashleigh x



Things that make me happy

Hello everyone,

Right now, it’s 10am on a Sunday morning, I have a monster hangover and I’m snuggled up on the sofa watching Cinderella.

So since I’m feeling a little bit sorry for myself I thought I’d write a list of things that make me happy to cheer myself and if you’re feeling the same way to cheer you up too

1. My cat

If you don’t know me, then you won’t know I own the fattest ginger cat. His name is Leo and he’s just the strangest thing.

2. Disney movies.

More often than not I watch princess movies, but I love all Disney basically.

3. The beach

Any beach, any weather. I haven’t been in so long!

4. My boyfriend

5. Fresh bedding

Nothing in the world beats fresh bedding!

6. Potato waffles

My ultimate hangover comfort food. It’s something my boyfriend always cooks for me if he knows I’m sad or poorly. We always joke if I’m too poorly for waffles something must be really wrong!

7. Music

Today in particular is an Ed Sheeran kind of day! He is killing it with Multiply

8. Going for a walk

I’m blessed to live in such a lovely place and to not be too far from so many lovely places.

9. Netflix

I’m particularly loving Teen Wolf at the moment, even though my favourite character just got axed, booooo!

10. Not having anything to do

I’ve recently become one of those work a lot kind of people and as much as I enjoy work, it really makes me appreciate days off!

Thanks for reading,




Subscription Boxes


Hello everyone,

Now who doesn’t love a subscription box, right? It’s literally like a present in the post every month, that you forget you even pay for!

I used to get a monthly make up subscription box when I lived with my parents and at the time I really loved it. It seemed so grown up not only getting high end make up but getting it in the post. Now I’m a bit older and my make up obsession is getting out of hand I decided that a make up subscription box was no longer the one for me. However, I seriously missed that exciting feeling of a beautifully packaged box coming with surprise treats every month so I did some research and found my next obsession.

Taa daaaah! Behold the Papergang box.

This delight was put together buy the people that Ohh Deer family. Yep you’ve got it, the ones that are on EVERY sponsored Facebook post ever.

When you first sign up they include a patch of their logo in the box and he’s just the cutest guy. The box retails at £9.95 plus shipping so it’s about £12 all together, which is not a bad price for the amount and quality of the stationary included.

I’ve been getting this box on and off since April last year and have never been disappointed, each box is designed by a different artist so no two are the same. From diaries, notebooks, pencils and sticky notes there’s always something interesting and everything is always beautiful and quirky. February’s box being no exception. This box was the one year bithday celebration of the Papergang box designed bt Nina Cosford and included all the lovely items below.


The items are from left to right: an A4ish size lined notebook, a weekly planner with loads of sections to get organized, a 3 sheet pack of stickers, a birthday card and a calender for March.


Writing this is already getting me excited for next months box!

Ashleigh x

The Best Friend Tag with Meg

For this post I thought it would be super fun to do a little collaboration with my best friend and fellow blogger Meg! We have both answered the same fifty questions but we’ve not discussed any of the answers. So it could be amazing or an absolute fail. We’ll be updating the answers when the posts go live so you can see how right or wrong we were. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to check out her sister post here!


1. When and how did we first meet?

We first met through my boyfriend. Meg was looking for someone to bleach her hair and my boyfriend volunteered me to do it! I thought she was mad when I met her but here we are, five years later!

2. Who is your best friend’s hero?

Besides anyone that is a crazy insane photographer, her hero is her mum. Meg’s mum is the most supportive, encouraging and dependable person I’ve ever met. Meg wrote a blog post called Down Days, a few weeks ago that more elegantly describe her thoughts and feelings about her mum.

3. If she could go any place on earth, where would it be and why?

Somewhere where there is a beautiful beach, beautiful architecture and lots of culture.

4. What is her favourite colour?

I want to say purple…


5. What is her favourite food?

Crisp wraps.

6. What is the name of your best friend’s crush?

Joe Manganiello, if we’re going for celebrity crush. The real life one could definetly get us into some trouble!

7. What is your best friend’s biggest fear?

I’m not really sure. I want to say spiders though! She’s pretty cool with bugs but I feel like spiders are a no go.

8. If your best friend were deserted on an island, what are the three things she could not live without?

Her camera, her brow pomade and me.

9. What three movies does your best friend love the most?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Gremlins and Alice in Wonderland

10. What part of your best friend’s body is their favourite?

Her pretty eyes or her mermaid hair.

11. What are the two things your best friend does not know about you?

There’s literally nothing I can think of that she doesn’t know!


12. How would you describe your best friend’s ideal partner/spouse?

After many a conversation: a grungy, dirty looking (but not dirty), floppy hair, beany hat wearing skater boy just like her boyfriend.

 13. How long does it take your best friend to get dressed?

An absolute LIFETIME

14. Which is your best friend’s favourite season and why?


15. What is your best friend’s dream job?

A professional photographer

16. If you were out together, what would your best friend eat?


17. What do you most admire about your best friend?

I love that she’s so passionate and dedicated to persuing her dreams. I know that it’s really hard for her to be away from her family and friends and even harder to be in a long distance relationship but she’s in Sunderland at university chasing her dreams regardless!

18. Do you know her favourite item of clothing?

Probably a burgundy pinafore.

19. What are the three items your best friend always carries with them?

Her phone, a St Christopher in her bra and lighters.

20. What’s your best friend’s favourite TV show?


21. Would your best friend watch a chick-flick, action, comedy or a horror movie?

A comedy or a chick flick but probably Disney

22. What is your favourite inside joke?

There’s just too many!


23. What favourite memory do you two share?

Making my boyfriend take us to Pets at Home to look at bunnies and having Happy Meals in the car on the way back.

24. What is the one thing that annoys you most about your best friend?

She’s never ready when she says that she’s going to be.

 25. Between the two of you, who takes longer to get ready?

Meg for sure!

26. If your best friend could meet any celebrity, who would it be?

Joe Manganiello, so she could watch him do his Magic Mike dance.

27. Does your best friend have any strange phobias?

Not that I know of.


28. What does your best friend think about the most?

I’m not really sure, probably something really strange like bunny rabbits wearing cardigans or something.

29. What is the last book your best friend read?

I know she read Girl on the Train recently.

30. Does your best friend have any nicknames?

Mag, Megs, Moo, Dickhead etc.


31. What picture does your best friend currently have as her profile photo?

It’s a picture of her at the beach. It definitely needs updating though because she’s recently joined the red head family.

32. What concerts has your best friend been to?

She’s been to loads! Most recently Black Sabbath in Leeds.


33. Has your best friend ever voted?

She always votes, she’s a good egg.

34. What is the one thing your best friend would want for their birthday?

That really expensive camera she’s been saving for. Failing that, just something really thoughtful that someone has really put some thought into.


35. What is your best friend’s greatest achievement?

Leaving home and going to university!

36. What is your best friend really bad at?

She’s not always the most organised person…


37. What is the meanest thing someone has ever said to your best friend?

That she smells.


38. If your best friend has a scar, how did they get it?

I’m not really sure, if I’ve seen any I can’t remember!


39. What would your best friend do if they won the lottery?

She would pay off any debts her family had and but every single Lime Crime product that exists.


40. What was your best friend’s favourite show as a child?

The Magic Roundabout rings a bell? The Powerpuff Girls?


41. Where does your best friend want to live when they get older?



42. How many children does your best friend want and what will be their names?

Two I think, a boy called Reuben.


43. Has your best friend ever been outside the country?

She has.


44. Is your best friend reckless with money, or do they like to save?

She would love to save but she really loves shoes and Lime Crime


45. What is your best friend’s favourite animal?



46. Which game does your best friend like most?

She really likes the game “Who’s in the Bag” which if you’ve never played you really need too!


47. Can you describe your best friend in one word?


 48. What’s your best friend’s favourite kind of sandwich?

Quorn bacon or crisps.

 49. Is your best friend allergic to anything?

Cats and feathers.


50. What is your favourite thing to do together?

As much as we love to go on photography adventures, play board games and get drunk, our favourite thing to do together is probably nothing! because she lives in a different city part time, we love to just watch Netflix and natter mostly and catch up on each others lives.

Throwback Friday?

Hello 🙂

My name is Ashleigh, and I’ve wanted to start a blog for a good year now, it’s been an interesting journey to this point but here I am, ready to share!

So as a first post and a small (cringy) getting to know me section, I thought i’d take some inspiration from Zoella’s latest video as well as my bestie’s blog post Growing Up Gracefully?? and show you some old school pictures of me. So let’s go…

The oldest pictures I have on my laptop start in 2009, when I was at secondary school. Don’t judge, when I was 16 giant fringes and Twilight were cool!

Next up is 2011 and 2012, I broke up with my then boyfriend and met my current boyfriend in the same year, finished college and started university.

2013 and 2014, my and my boyfriend moved into our own house with my older brother so it’s hard to find sober pictures! 2014 was also the year that I left my redheaded comfort zone and went blonde!

In 2015, I graduated from university, me and my boyfriend got our own cat, and I started working for the first time.

That basically brings us to now! I kept the blonde, even though I want to get rid if it every day and I very recently got hair extensions. The one thing I have noticed from collecting these pictures is that my make up has never actually changed in near ten years! So maybe 2017 will be the year I experiment with my face more!

If you have any old pictures to share, I’d love to have to see!